Apollo’s reliable Baling Press

Have you been thinking and thinking about how to compress and package your compressed products in an efficient manner? Do you have a small budget and cannot afford to spend a lot of money on the packaging materials for this compressed product? Baling your products, in the end, needs to be done in order to transport products in an efficient and more stable manner. If you have been struggling to find a good Baling Press that fits your needs, then you might want to take a look at the machines of Apollo. This family company is specialized in transport machines, Baling and dealing machines as well as logistics. They guarantee good quality and reliable quality of their machines. 

How the Baling press works

The Big Bale Press is the machine Apollo offers for the Baling process of your products. More types are available, but more on that later. First, how does this press work? The Big Bale Press consists of a total of three main elements. It consists of the press, of a roller conveyor and of a pallet destacker. The press will be filled with the product from above and it will then compress this material into a tight ball. After this, the bale is placed on a pallet, where it will be wrapped in foil. Overheating is limited to a minimum in this Baling press as the foil is sealed automatically at the bottom as well as the top. This way of packaging the bale also prevents contamination of the product.

One advantage of this Baling press is that it keeps the foil consumption to a minimum, reducing the costs of packing materials for you. This is done by stretching the wrapping foil such that the use of packing materials can be reduced to 60 percent compared to the more traditional methods of packaging the bales. The Baling press also uses a patented press table, enabling the possibility to achieve high pressure up to about 65 tons and without doing any damage to the pallet. Moreover, the Big Bale Press is able to handle a variety of pallet sizes, but this also depends on the product and how suitable a pallet is for the product. Apollo’s Baling press thus does not just reduce the capital outlay, but it actually also helps to minimize the expenses for transport, storage and packaging of the bales. 

Different types of the Baling press

There are also different type of the Big Bale press available. Here, they are listed. 

  • The Big Bale Press 65 is able to handle bales of 2 to 7 cubic meters that have a height of 1 meter up to 2.5 meters. Its maximum capacity is 30 bales an hour in one compression cycle. 
  • The BBP light version has a maximum capacity of 17 bales per hour in one compression cycle and 11 bales an hour in two compression cycles. 
  • The Mobile Big Bale Press is a Baling Press that can be used for compressing, packing and palletizing products on several locations and it is made specifically for outside use. 

The Baling press of Apollo can, therefore, reduce your costs and is ideal for those who have smaller budgets. It also is available in different types. So, if you are searching for a Baling press that is suitable for you, and one that is reliable, it worth it to take a look at the Big Bale Press of Apollo!

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