Looking for an USB3 camera?

The USB3 camera is perhaps everything you need. If you want to buy the USB3 camera and if you do not exactly know why you should buy it, here’s why. Especially for these questions, we wrote an article; this article wants to give you every piece of information you need in order to make sure you know what you are going to buy. Unlike other cameras, the USB3 camera really gives you something different. There are different specifications you really want to know about. Will you read with us and find that out? 

Why the USB3 camera is the camera you need

We want to tell you something about USB3 vision first. USB3 Vision is an interface standard that is introduced in 2013, for industrial cameras. This interface describes a specification on top of the USB standard. It has a particular focus on supporting high-peformance cameras that are based on USB 3.0. Besides, it is recognized as one of the fastest growing machine vision camera standards, which is really good to know of course. A few months back in time; as of October 2019, version 1.1 is the latest version of the standard. As of late 2019, there are 42 (maybe more now) that license this standard. The standard is built upon many of the same pieces as GigE Vision and utilizes USB ports instead of Ethernet, which is one of the differences. 

Where can I buy the USB3 camera? 

The question is where you can buy the USB3 camera. Of course that question is important, because  you want to know where you can buy a camera that has a good quality. We have sorted this out for you. You can buy the USB3 camera via get-cameras.com. They offer cameras that have a good quality and next tot this specific camera, they have other options as well. It is always a good thing to get to know more about a specific company from where you can buy cameras, that is the reason we want you to get to know Get Cameras better. In short, this is what you have to know:
  • Excellent support
  • Low priced cameras
  • TÜV Rheinland certified
Because of these three main things, you can be sure that you will buy from the right one. That right one is Get Cameras. As they have mentioned on their website, they are looking forward to help you. If you go visit their website. you will see that more people have asked their questions. The answers can be found on the FAQ page or just in the manuals of the machine vision cameras that can be found on the download page. If you require technical support for the industrial camera, perhaps the USB3 camera you have just bought, you can contact them via the support page. To make sure we end with a few good points as well, these are their unique selling points. Strong portfolio and low prices; excellent support and industrial quality and longevity. In short, why should you choose for another manufacturer? If you want to pay less for an industrial camera. We can guarantee that you won’t regret if you buy from them! Read more…