It is surprisingly easy to register a company in the Netherlands

Registering a company anywhere can be a daunting process. Doing it in a country where you do not live certainly does not seem like it is going to be any easier. Yet it turns out that it really is not all that difficult to register a company in the Netherlands, if you know what you are doing. And that is, of course, the crucial point. You almost certainly do not know what you are doing if you have never done it before. The first time that you register a company in the Netherlands there are still an awful lot of steps to go through, such as:

  • Registering the company name;
  • Setting up a bank account in the Netherlands;
  • Registering directors and shareholders.

There are several more steps like these to register a company in the Netherlands. None of these steps is particularly complicated on it’s own, but each requires some knowledge of the process. That is the reason that we strongly recommend hiring experienced experts to help you to register your company in the Netherlands.

Who can help you to register a company in the Netherlands?

There are a few companies specialised in the steps and procedures required to register a company in the Netherlands from outside the country. I have worked with business-owners from the United Kingdom who have made use of various companies, with differing results. The main difference comes in the time it takes them to register a company in the Netherlands, with one such company taking close to a year, which is well over the time that we would normally expect. Cost of course also comes into the equation – while it is probably not advisable to be choosing the budget option in such an important and at times complex process, it also should not cost months of turnover for what eventually amounts to an administrative procedure. Myself and my clients have generally been most impress with a company based in Rotterdam and Amsterdam called Intercompany Solutions. They have helped my clients to register a company in the Netherlands quickly and efficiently, with the minimum of fuss. Their website,, provides a fair amount of basic information so that you know what you need to get started and my clients have had no complaints about the price of the service that Intercompany Solutions has provided. Crucially, I have yet to hear of any client having problems at a later date from improperly registered information or any breaking of the rules about the process to register a company in the Netherlands, which is more than I can say for some other business which I will never again recommend to a client. Intercompany Solutions remove several of the hurdles involved in the process, and make others easier to clear.

The benefits

There are a few clear benefits to choosing to register your company in the Netherlands. The most well-known are certain tax breaks and a generally low level of corporate taxation. It is far from the lowest in the world, but it is advantageous for companies working in the north of Europe. The Netherlands has a particularly strong place within the European Union and has strong cooperation with many other large economies, including Great Britain and Germany, which has a large number of clear advantages. And a very high percentage of the workforce in the Netherlands speaks fluent English, allowing for much more choice in recruitment, as well as easier communication with other business based in the same area.