Is your conveyor belt FDA approved?

We have a history of working together with businesses from several industries. The food industry is one of our main partners, for which we deliver conveyor belts and other solutions. Because our main material is PTFE or ‘Teflon’, this is no suprise. This material was discovered in the previous century and has properties that make it perfect for application in the food industry. A conveyor belt made of PTFE prevents sticking and is heat resistant up to high temperatures. Boiled or boiling materials can be transported over a conveyor belt this way, automating production processes all over de world. There is one important aspect when using a conveyor belt. It must be FDA approved. The Food and Drug Administration regulates rules around food and drugs in the United States and approves materials used in food production. At Hardick, we make sure your conveyor belt is FDA approved. Why is this important? We explain it here.

Conveyor belt FDA approved

It is important that any conveyor belt is FDA approved, when this belt is used for food (or drug) production frmo which the products will be exported to the United States. Even if your company is located outside the USA, the FDA regulates all products that are imported. If you already export products or plan to do so, it is inevitable to use a conveyor belt that is FDA approved. At Hardick, we offer several kinds of belts that are suitable for food production. Your conveyor belt is FDA approved and made to last. You can choose from different types, such as:

  • PTFE conveyor belt with open fabric
  • PTFE conveyor belt with closed fabric
  • PTFE glass conveyor belt

All of our conveyor belts have different properties and tensile strengths. Our experts can offer advice on the right application of our products. It is also possible to order one or more samples of our materials. This makes it possible to compare different fabrics or compare to your current conveyor belt. FDA approved conveyor belts are sturdy, heat resistant and are able to work consistently and smoothly in any production process. Do you want more information about or products or services? Please contact our experts at Hardick or request a first sample. We love to suprise our customers with excellent quality and service.

Visit us

You can find Hardick in the eastern part of The Netherlands, in Hengelo. You are more than welcome to visit us. Our location makes it easy to export our products, such as every conveyor belt that is FDA approved, to all parts of Europe. We are close to Germany and Belgium and we are able to produce our products fast. Within several days after your order, your product can be ready for dispatch. Of course, a conveyor belt that is FDA approved can be exported to the USA as well, as our products are FDA approved. After installation of the belt, we can offer continuing service to ensure that your Hardick products perform as expected. Contact us for more information or visit us at our production site in The Netherlands.  Read more…